Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship can be attained by birth or naturalization. Be aware, starting June 11, 2015 only lawyers, notaries or members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) can represent or advise applicants with respect to citizenship applications.

To be eligible to apply for Canadian citizen, following are the new updated requirements as of 11th October 2017:

  • Applicant must be present in Canada for 3 out of last 5 years with no minimum number of days per year
  • If you are between 18 to 54 years of age, you must meet language requirement & take the Citizenship Exam
  • Days spent in Canada before becoming PR (as temporary resident or protected person) within 5 years of applying citizenship, count as 1/2 days , up to a maximum of 1 year
  • You should have filed Canadian Income Taxes for 3 out of 5 years, matching the physical presence requirement.

 Previous requirements (before October 11th 2017) – for reference only 

  • Applicant must be physically present in Canada for at least 1460 days (4 years) during past six years prior to the date of application. Does not apply to children under 18 years
  • Applicant must be present in Canada physically for at least 183 days in each of the qualifying FOUR years
  • Time spent in Canada before becoming PR is no longer considered
  • Must have met personal income tax obligations during qualifying years
  • Applicant between 14- 64 years of age must meet language & knowledge requirements
  • Must express intent to reside in Canada

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