Express Entry

This is a new online system to manage the applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs. Following economic immigration programs are managed under express entry:

  • Federal skilled worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience class (CEC)

How does express entry work?

Express entry will be the first step to apply under above mentioned programs.

  • Applicant needs to create an online profile. There will be NO cap on number of applicants who can create profile / enter the pool for express entry.
  • Anyone who gets accepted in the pool may get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR from CIC.
  • Only the top ranking applicants will get the ITA irrespective of when they created the profile.
  • Applicant will then have 60 days to apply for PR online.

Things to note:

  • Candidates are ranked as per Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) under express entry.
  • There are total of 1200 points available under CRS
  • Express entry profile will be valid for 1 year only. If one year has passed and applicant has not received the ITA then they will have to create a new profile
  • Processing time (as per CIC) for PR application will be 6 months or less
  • Successful creation of express entry profile does not guarantee the invitation to apply (ITA) from CIC
  • A profile can be updated with new information at any time to improve the CRS ranking

CRS Criteria:

1200 points are distributed under following categories:

  1. Core / Human Capital Factors:
    1. Age
    2. Level of education
    3. Language proficiency
    4. Canadian Experience
  2. Spouse/ Common- Law partner, if applicable
  3. Skills transferability factors
  4. PNP nomination or offer of qualifying arranged employment

We at West Port Immigration Inc, can help you to create express entry profile, improve CRS score and/or help you to file for PR after you receive ITA.

Contact us see if you qualify for Express entry.