Super Visa

Super Visa was introduced in December 2011 to allow parents / grandparents of Canadian Citizen and PR to come to Canada for extended stay. Super Visa allows parents / grandparents to stay in Canada up to 2 years at a single stretch. This visa is granted up to 10 years or 1 month less than the expiry date of the passport.


  • Applicant (s) must be the parent / grandparent of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Proof of relationship with child / grandchild
  • Letter of Invitation from Child / grandchild residing in Canada
  • Proof that the Child / Grandchild meets the LICO
  • Evidence of medical insurance purchased for minimum of $100,000, for at least ONE year from a Canadian Insurance provider
  • Undergo a medical examination

Application is processed outside Canada, at a Canadian Visa office responsible for applicant’s country of residence. Depending on Visa office, required documents for this application may vary.

Decision by visa officer is made on following factors:

  • Family ties in home country
  • Reason of travel
  • Finances
  • Economic and political status of home country

Things to Note:

  • Applicant may go for upfront Medical examination to save processing time
  • Super visa can be applied even while PR residence file is in process for the parents /grandparents
  • Applicants from visa exempt country get an official letter authorizing stay up to 2 years

Contact Westport Immigration for more detailed information and/or for free evaluation to know if your parent (s) / grandparent (s) are eligible to apply under Super Visa